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Single Star provides voice over work from Pamela Martin Ovens, an experienced Sag/Aftra artist who worked professionally in Cincinnati, Ohio for WLW Radio and WCET-TV. Pamela worked on the island at radio station WHHR as a copy writer and announcer and eventually hosted a mid-day program for the station. You can listen to her voice on

Writing was always part of Ovens life and when a friend wanted to write a book, publishing was added to the company’s services. Single Star is a small, discerning company that has published only three books in three years. The Pullman Hilton, My Life with Charles Fraser and Deceit, Disappearance & Death on Hilton Head Island. The latter is a true mystery about the disappearance of the Liz and John Calvert and the death of Dennis Gerwing. This story attracted national attention on the island in 2008. Now ten years later the mystery is still not solved. The case is cold, but still open. We hope that this book will inspire someone to remember something that can help solve this case and bring closure to the Calvert and Gerwing families.


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