Our mission is to promote and support Hilton Head Island as a vibrant and diverse island that is celebrated locally, regionally and nationally for the ways in which arts and culture enrich and enhance the community.


We use a broad definition of arts & culture. The definition includes the fine arts but also such creative expressions as traditional, ethnic, and folk art, music, the history and heritage of the island, landmarks, parks, and natural resources and sites.


The goal is for our definition of arts and culture to encompass our community’s customs, beliefs and traditions.

Our Vision For The Future

We envision recognition for Hilton Head Island as

A Vibrant & Distinctive Destination Known For Its Unique Arts & Cultural Assets

that serve a diverse community and create a richer quality of life.

Value No.

01. Community

A community that celebrates & supports its artists and cultural organizations

Value No.

02. Unique

Hilton Head Island’s unique sense of place

Value No.

03. Availability

Accessibility to & awareness of cultural assets

Value No.

04. Learning

Life-long cultural learning

Value No.

05. Diversity

Diversity & inclusion

Value No.

06. Gullah

The contributions of the Gullah community & its rich local history

Value No.

07. Nature

The environment & natural resources

Value No.

08. Collaboration

Collaboration between cultural assets and other community interests