The Community Foundation of the Lowcountry created the Public Art Fund for the purposes of funding and acquiring public art and outdoor sculpture to be placed in the public realm on Hilton Head Island.

The Public Art Fund Committee works in partnership with the Town to pre-approve Town owned properties appropriate for placement of public art. When a piece of art is accepted by the Public Art Fund, either by purchase or donation, one of these pre-approved locations is chosen for placement. A request is then made to Town Council for acceptance of the piece into the Town’s public art collection. Once Town Council approves the acceptance of the piece, the Town takes over ownership and installs, insures, and maintains the piece in its approved location.

The Public Art Fund Committee created a Public Art Exhibition that is held every other year for the purpose of enhancing arts and cultural awareness on Hilton Head Island. The result of each Exhibition includes the selection of at least one piece of art to donate to the Town’s collection. As part of the Exhibition, artists from around the world submit their work to be considered for the show. The jury from the Public Art Fund Committee selects 20 pieces of art to be part of the Exhibition, which lasts from late September through December. During the show, the jury evaluates and selects a winning piece to purchase and donate to the Town’s public art collection. The inaugural Public Art Exhibition was held in 2011.