Hilton Head is a beautiful Island, but what can we do in the evening? With jazz music being performed every night of the year on this island, we’re about to tell you.

Classic American Jazz music came to Hilton Head twenty-one years ago in the form of what has become an Island institution– The Jazz Corner, which gives 370 live performances every year in an award winning, intimate dinner club setting. To build a cadre of future musicians and ensure access to jazz in schools and colleges, they started the Junior Jazz Foundation which supports a jazz camp every year led by James Berry. They celebrate the end of camp with performances by more than 100 aspiring musicians and an annual festival of fundraiser performances at the beachfront Sonesta Resort Hotel.

Redfish Restaurant has 150 jazz performances every year and an exceptional wine cellar to compliment their food. Recently built Beach Club in Sea Pines has spectacular ocean views from its second floor restaurant and a further 100 live jazz performances each year.

The Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra is programming ten jazz performances at their new venue Soundwaves and the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina holds a date for jazz every year.

In total,  640 live jazz performances are booked in to Jazz Island for 2020! A great way to spend an elegant evening enjoying American music and fine food– but make reservations these are island hot-spots.

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