Sonya Grant, a lifelong resident of Hilton Head, South Carolina, launched her business, Gullah T’s N Tings on her birthday last June. Her website includes tees and accessories, most celebrating Gullah Geechee culture.

She opened her business Gullah T’s N’ Tings to help redefine the Gullah culture for the younger generations while still intriguing the elders of the community. She wanted to create a business that not only gave insight to both generations, but also did it in an aesthetically appealing way. “I didn’t want a souvenir T-shirt. I wanted a modern design,” she said. “I wanted something that was timeless.”

Grant is the granddaughter of Abe and Charliemae Grant Sr., retired business owners of Abe’s Native Shrimp House in Hilton Head, one of the area’s first ever restaurants. Her grandfather started his business at 16-years-old and stayed involved for 40 years. Growing up seeing that drive, she grew her ambition to start her own business.

Her business, Gullah Ts N’ Tings, pays tribute to the island’s history — her history.

Visit Gullah Tn N’Tings Online Here


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