Town Records Department and the Office of Cultural Affairs have partnered on a project to capture the Hilton Head Island community’s experiences during the historic COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage you to share artwork, photographs, poetry, writing samples, or other creative work you’ve done during the pandemic. These samples will be held in the Town’s archives and may be used to create digital or physical displays, posted on social media or, or otherwise shared with the HHI community.

Additionally, the Town is collecting survey responses through Open Town Hall. You can answer the survey there, submit creative samples here, or do both!

Please use the form below* to submit your information.

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*By submitting materials via this form you are agreeing to the below release statement:

I hereby permanently give, transfer, assign and convey all of my rights, title, and interest, including any copyright and related interests that I may possess to any and all audio and video recordings, letters, documents, original artwork, photographs, social media posts, and other materials to the Town of Hilton Head Island as an unrestricted gift.  I understand that these documents, hereafter referred to as “the work”, will be housed in the Town of Hilton Head Island’s COVID-19 Pandemic Collection at the Town’s Record Office and will be made available to researchers, may be quoted from, published or broadcast in any format or medium, including on the World Wide Web, that the Town shall deem appropriate.  

It is agreed that the work will be made available for research on an unrestricted basis, subject only to those conditions or restrictions specified below:

I understand that this agreement covers original and copies of the work, transcripts, and reformatted versions that the Town of Hilton Head Island may produce.  This agreement does not preclude any non-exclusive use that may be made using the information in the work.  




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