Gloria Krolak – Radio Host, Jazz Journalist, Poet and Author – Culture HHI’s Featured Artist of the Month

In her own words:
When I discovered HHI could accommodate both my significant other’s and my passions – his golf and my love of jazz, we decided to move here, eventually becoming full-time a year ago.

I began a career as a jazz radio host when I was 60, having retired from a lifetime of editing and proofreading. Soon after I began to write a jazz column for the New Jersey Jazz Society’s monthly magazine, Jersey Jazz, then became their its poetry editor for several years. I then got inspired to write a book, Jazz Lines…free verse in the key of jazz, and co-produced the Jazz Vibraphone Showcase (with Richard Speer) at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina in January 2019.

Aside from when my children were little, I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun. I’ve gotten to meet all of my jazz idols and not one has been a disappointment. I love my life in jazz.

Lastly, they say insanity is hereditary – you catch it from your children. My younger child Nicholas is a bass player who lives/works in Philadelphia and I caught jazz from him! It’s been a fantastic education.

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