Q&A with MountainFilm on Tour – Hilton Head presenter Jennifer Winzeler

Mountainfilm on Tour is coming to Hilton Head bringing a selection of culturally rich, adventure-packed and inspiring documentary films curated from the Mountainfilm festival held every Memorial Day weekend in Telluride, Colorado. Hosted by The Island Academy of Hilton Head, the show will explore themes connected to Mountainfilm’s mission: to use the power of film, art and ideas to inspire audiences to create a better world.

Q: Tell us why bring “Mountainfilm on Tour” to Hilton Head?

A: The Island Academy of Hilton Head is all about inspiration. The school was started to really get kids, and keep them excited about learning. Mountainfilm is about the same thing. Their mission is essentially to use of art, film and ideas to inspire people to make our world a better place. Seeing the alignment of missions is just one of the reasons we chose to bring Mountainfilm. In addition to that, our school emphasizes collaboration, working together and giving back. We see bringing these films, as one way to contribute to this community that we are all so blessed to live in. This year, the films will be shown at both Hilton Head Island Middle School and Hilton Head Island High School in hopes that this gives some students an opportunity to view them that they may not of otherwise had.

Q: What do you hope audiences will gain from watching this films?

A: Documentary films by nature teach critical thinking. It’s been said that Mountainfilm takes this a step further and transforms critical thinking into critical living. My hope is that these films bring audiences alive! That people leave feeling energized and motivated to do good things, to be better.

Q: Which film is your favorite and why?

A: Wow. This is a tough question. They are all so well done and extraordinary in different ways. I’ll say this year is a toss up between “Danny Daycare” and “Mentors”.  “Danny Daycare” is a much more light-hearted, fun film that features the mountain biking adventures of “Danny” and his toddler friend. The synopsis for “Mentors” is as seen below:

Mentors: Hilaree Nelson, Directed by Taylor Rees

It may be tempting to think of the world of ski mountaineering as one dominated by brawn. With, admittedly, some brain requirements to help mitigate serious risk factors. But, beauty? Is there room in this burly, testosterone-fueled world for the feminine? And not just for the token female, but for many of the fairer sex? As a pioneer in this often rough-and-tough milieu, Telluride’s own Hilaree Nelson has an unequivocal answer and shows us, by her personal example, how women can do anything men can do (…and better). (USA, 2018, 5 min.)

You can see “Danny Daycare” at the matinee showing and “Mentors” made it on the evening playlist.

Coligny Theatre
Friday, February 7, 2020 @ 4:30 PM & 7:30 PM

Tickets & Info Online Here