Hilton Head Haunted History Tales (H4T for short) came about from the convergence of the deep history of the area paired with the perfect setting, Zion Cemetery. Created as a family friendly experience, these tours and tales will be a unique way to dive into our island’s history.  From the Heritage Library’s perspective, it offers an outstanding opportunity to introduce and promote one of our heritage assets to an audience that might not otherwise know about it.

This graveside storytelling adventure in Hilton Head’s oldest community burial ground offers access to this space like never before.  The balance is more on history than horror, and the stories combine real events and people from Hilton Head’s past with paranormal happenings that have been attributed to them.  Some of the stories have been told in different forms on HHI for decades (and maybe centuries), but others are the result of recent research and inference based on rumored occurrences.  These have been put together in new and meaningful ways but every story contains historical truth as we know it, facts and people relating to every major period of HHI’s history from the early explorers and Native Americans, through the Colonial, Antebellum and Civil War periods, and into the more recent years.  How much and what parts of a story are true is very much up to the audience to decide!

An individual performance will contain 5 or 6 stories and lasts less than an hour, and our “library” of stories currently contains thirteen in all.  The audience is seated in the learning center area of the Zion Cemetery, and a costumed storyteller reads/tells the stories which are contained in a suitably ancient looking book.  Recommended for guests off all ages, although parents should make the best decision if this is right for their kids.