by Bella Elman, Editor-in-Chief, Heir Magazine

For any artist, getting inspired can be the most daunting part of a project. There are many ways to find inspiration, from everyday conversations in coffee shops or being alone with your thoughts on a beach. On Hilton Head Island, there are many beautiful places to gather your ideas. One of the most underrated and one of the most unique places to find creative inspiration is the Honey Horn butterfly garden.

The butterfly garden in Honey Horn Plantation remains unnoticed by many of the locals on the island. Though overlooked, it’s a wonderful sanctuary for butterflies and people alike. The garden provides a sensible, quiet environment where any artist can work to produce an idea.  Butterflies have long been the subject of famous art. Vincent Van Gogh often featured butterflies as the subject of his oil paintings.

In addition to being a peaceful place for artists to go, butterfly gardens are also good for the environment. The enclosure creates a small habitat for breeding healthy and happy butterflies. Bright flowers are planted to attract the butterflies and are then pollinated, which leads to the further reproduction of the flowers. This keeps the garden both beautiful and a working ecosystem. The enclosure also provides a safe place for caterpillars to mature and grow. In the wild, many caterpillars are hunted by birds, insects and even humans.

The Honey Horn butterfly garden provides both a serene place for artists and environmental benefits. Butterflies are elegant, beautiful, and a wonderful source of inspiration. No matter your craft, a butterfly garden is the perfect place to find creativity.

For more information on the the butterfly garden visit the website for the Coastal Discovery Museum.

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