In 2015, through the direction of town leadership, the Culture and Arts Strategic Planning Committee was established to analyze the island and its cultural resources. It was determined that the arts, entertainment, culture, and history assets on the island, including the great population of musicians, artists, authors, photographers, and story-tellers that call this island home, are too great in quantity and quality. Through the strategic use of resources, the Office of Cultural Affairs was established to support artists, residents, and guests who provide programs that enrich our citizens, the 2.8 million visitors that join us annually, and the Lowcountry.

Our vision is for Hilton Head Island to be recognized as a vibrant and distinctive destination known for its unique arts and culture assets that create a richer quality of life. Our mission is to promote and support Hilton Head Island as a vibrant cultural destination that enriches our diverse community. In the next few years, under the leadership of the Town Council and Town administrative staff, we will seek to achieve these goals and position Hilton Head Island as a known cultural destination.

I hope that here on our website you will find a deeper understanding of our work, have access to the deep and wide community of arts and culture on this island, and witness the role that the Office of Cultural Affairs plays in supporting and distributing arts and culture to the community on Hilton Head Island. Our intent is to strengthen communication about arts and culture with the community. We recognize that an investment in the arts nurtures commerce, education, recreation, and our unique natural resources. The Office of Cultural Affairs is positioned to establish and expand Hilton Head Island’s presence and reputation as a world class arts destination. I hope to see you at a show, exhibit, or lecture and welcome your ideas as we travel through this adventure in art and culture together.

Let’s do this,

Jenn McEwen
Director of Cultural Affairs